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Global Adventures is a tour operator created with a lot of love to bring joy. Don't expect ordinary tourist trips from us. We always include a special spiritual element that brightens the heart, calms the mind and rejuvenates the body. We take you to places and events, meeting teachers, healers, sages and spirit guides who help you go deep into your soul and heart. We take care of all the special details, leaving you free to immerse yourself in your experience.

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Female Rebirth on Bali Island with Marina

Retreat with Marina on 18 – 29 april 2024 in Bali - the "Heart Chakra" of the planet. Are you coming with us?


1500 EUR

Bali Spirit Fest awaits you at the end of April

The most wonderful and large-scale yoga fest between 27.04-10.05.2024 on Bali is waiting for You! Come with us!


1560 EUR

Bali New Year – including air tickets

Let's celebrate Bali New Year together between 07.03-20.03.2024г. + including air tickets


2600 EUR

A few more destinations


Yoga retreat with Petya in Thailand

Between 22.02- 07.03.24 an unforgettable spiritual experience full of emotions awaits you in Thailand


1560 EUR


Ayuverda detox in Sri Lanka.

Between 25 March-09 April 2024 you will explore Sri Lanka with its rich flora and fauna


3000 EUR 3500 EUR

An unforgettable trip to magical Mexico

Between 08.03-15.03.2024 you will get to know the amazing and colorful Mexico. Come with us!


1870 EUR

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Want to make a change and find a new destination to inspire you? Are you looking for an intense experience that brings back the magic of the moment, the pure joy and the freshness of adventure? Do you want to expand your horizons and at the same time have peace, quiet and closeness with nature?


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    Ilina Mihaylova and Maldives
    Unforgettable moments that ...

    Unforgettable moments that last forever - there are no words to describe all the emotions experienced with Global Adventures on this heavenly trip! Reinvent yourself, find inspiration and energy - you'll find it all in abundance with Global Adventures! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your warmth, fun, dedication and new friendships! Can't wait for the next adventure
    Opera prima Ilina Mihailova

    Check out our offers for Maldives!

    Marina Sans and Maldives

    The Maldives, of course, which are already in my heart!

    Everyone has heard of the Maldives, the white coral beaches, the turquoise blue water, the boats, the dolphins, the resorts, the swimming with sharks. For me, the Maldives became Maria and her team there. I'm not sure how my experience would have unfolded without them, but with them every minute was shared joy, fun and adventure. We enjoyed all the excursions and hardly stayed a day on our island of Maafushi. We loved every activity we did together as a group. It was my first time traveling with an organized program and group as a whole and I must say it won't be the last! The fun just multiplies when it is shared. Thank you Maria and team for showing me a whole new world of shared adventures, new friends and joy! Oh, and the Maldives, of course, which are now in my heart too!

    Check out our offers for Maldives!

    All beautiful and amazing things end very quickly! This week was a dream come true for me, but so much more! Thanks a bit to say about the Global Adventures team - Maria, Maya and Marina, and our local guides Sup, Samate and Faisel, what can I say-amazing people,very cheerful, kind, kind, they made even the impossible feel good for our kid! I would love to come again if I get the chance! And most importantly-we were family there with the group, the Global Adventure girls, and our local guides. I felt like I had known and lived there my whole life! Thank you! Thank you!

    Anna Blagoeva
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    Relax   for  your

    Discover the haven of your dreams with sunrise on the blue lagoons of the Maldives, Bali, Dominica and Sri Lanka - the perfect oases for carefree relaxation.

    Dominican Republic

    Dominican Republic

    Всички пакети

    Sri Lanka




    Shared by them!

    This tourist paradise is located in Indonesia, and is famous for its green rice terraces, picturesque beaches and traditional temple architecture. Bali captures the hearts of travelers with its unique atmosphere and the friendly mood of the locals.

    Bali is the place every person should visit at least once in their life.
    For me, it was an abundance of sights that no other place can provide, an encounter with traditions that have remained the same to this day.
    A place where I touched the most vulnerable parts of my soul , a place where thanks to the program that Maria and her team had planned we met great people, visited incredible spiritual places and experienced indescribable emotions , which reminded us of forgotten childhood joys , as well as pure gratitude for having had the opportunity to experience it.
    Days in Bali are not an excursion, they are days where every day you lose track of reality, and looking around you feel like you are on a movie set.
    Bali is a piece of paradise you can see while you are alive.

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    What do we do?


    We Hold on to the Experience

    Travelling allows us to escape the routine of everyday life and collect great memories that enrich us as individuals and inspire us for future adventures.

    Local traditions live

    We give you the opportunity to experience the local culture and lifestyle. You will be enriched with respect for local customs and values, as well as playing a new inner worldview.

    Activities for body and soul

    We will dive into the world of yoga, gymnastics, dance. We will dive into the world of yoga, gymnastics, dance. We will also sink into the space of the mind, of the spirit, of the heart, meditation and many other practices

    We create community

    We will gather a full palette of memories, new acquaintances and friendships.

    We will meet local teachers and healers

    We always offer a form of retreat at some destinations, bringing our speakers, psychologists, yoga instructors, dance teachers....

    You find yourself

    Get involved and don't miss the opportunity to enrich yourself and make new friends and associates.



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